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The main reason that Andrew Jackson wanted the Native Americans to move is to please the Georgia votes. At the time, Georgia wanted the land that the Cherokee people owned. He gave them a choice to either move or to adhere to the state laws. Jackson had this plan with him before he became president and when he was put into office he made the Indian Removal Bill one of his first priorities. Andrew Jackson believed that the Native American people were less than them so he could control where they could live. –Class Notes

In 1828, the state of Georgia enacted a law that gave authority over all Native American land matters to the state government. The Cherokee resisted and took their case to court, arguing that their treaty rights had been established by the federal government in 1791, and could not be abrogated by the state. The initial case was dismissed, but in 1832, the John Marshall Court ruled that the only federal government had authority over Native American Lands.


Jackson did this for selfish reasons. He wanted to give more land to White settlers by roughly moving The Native Americans through tuff terrain. Land was in high demand and president Jackson felt since the Native Americans were inferior to the White,he felt as if he had the right to take that land away


Andrew Murphy

This is why I think he made the Native Americans leave

Jackson removed them for a couple of reasons: economic change and racism (though this is my opinion).

He wanted them off the land for economic reasons, so he could sell it to pioneers and fill the federal treasury. He also knew that there was gold and other valuable minerals and resources on their lands, and he wanted that. In addition, the country was expanding rapidly and they needed the land for people to live on. Of course, they could have moved around it, but this was much more convenient.

My opinion is that Andrew Jackson was racist. We are lucky he wasn't born later, or he probably would have been on the confederate side of the civil war. He regarded Native Americans as animals, or worse than animals. He didn't think about the moral ramifications of kicking them off their land because he never thought there were any.


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