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Before- The United States had seen a one-party government, after the Federalist Party dissolved, that left only the Democratic Republican Party. During the election four Democratic Republican Party candidates ran.
After- Factions led by Andrew Jackson would soon lead to the creation of the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party believes in the common man and the working class. Factions led by the other candidates in the 1824 elections, John Adams and Henry Clay, would soon lead to the creation of the National Republic Party and the Whig Party. The National Republic Party did not last long because it lost its infrastructure and identity. The Whig Party, however, was a democratic party that was existent during the Jacksonian era. This party was also founded on opposition of the policies of President Andrew Jackson.


Before, the United States had only one political part at a time whichw as the Federalist Party which then broke down into the Democractic Republican party.

This changede during the election of 1824, Andrew jackson made the Democratic Party. After this,many new parties started to be created. Example:Whig Party

Andrew Murphy

I agree with Toti. In the beginning, America online have one party. But, as they progressed, a new party was made. The Democratic Republican.


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