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Missionary societies who had invested their time and money teaching Indians to live with their white neighbors and accept Christianity lobbied Congress to oppose the act. It finally passed, but only by a one-vote margin, in September of 1830.

Southerners and farmers who shared the same ideas as Jackson were very happy with this move. This gave Georgia a very large amount of territory. The new territory gave them free range to the gold and new farming lands.

Many people thought of this as morally compromising for the country. Clearly what Andrew Jackson and the United States was wrong. They took the land, which people had lived and farmed on for many years, from the Native Americans.


There were people who disagreed and agreed with this Act.

Agreed:Most white Americans thought that the United States would never extend beyond the Mississippi. Removal would save Indian people from the depredations of whites, and would resettle them in an area where they could govern themselves in peace.

Against:But some Americans saw this as an excuse for a brutal and inhumane course of action, and protested loudly against removal.

Andrew Murphy

Essay time!!

Thesis: Many people reacted in different ways to Jackson's Native American Policies.

Many people reacted different ways to Jackson's Native American Policies. A lot of people (like the native americans) thought that it was rude and was the wrong thing to do. Some regular americans disagreed with the Indian Removal Act, but did not have enough courage to stand up for what was right. Of course, the Native Americans disagreed with Jackson's policies with Native Americans, but there was nothing they could do to stop it. The Native Americans helped President Jackson in many things, and now Jackson had enough power to be mean to them. Many people disagreed with Jackson's policies towards Native Americans.

Many people reacted in different ways to Jackson's Native American Policies. Believe it or not, some people actually agreed with Andrew Jackson. They heard that there was gold where the Indians lived, and of course, they wanted it. Also, they felt the Native Americans were taking there jobs. They thought that the Native Americans were not important and inferior. They also felt that the Native Americans were getting in there way. Some people actually agreed with president Jackson.

Many people reacted in different ways to Jackson's Native American Policies. Some people really didn't care about the Indians. They didn't really care what was happening to them. They felt that as long as everything was satisfactory for them, they were happy.

Many people reacted in different ways to Jackson's Native American Policies.


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