Andrew Murphy
2/17/2010 09:06:37 am

The gilded age refers to substantial growth in population in the United States and extreme displays of wealth during the post-Civil War and post-Reconstruction eras of the late 19th century. Many inequalities emerged in this age. All the rich and wealthy people lived in huge palaces, that had priceless antiques and very valuable furniture. Rich people in this era would have beautiful mansions that looked like this.

While the successful and rich people would celebrate there success in their enormous house, wasting all of their money on luxury and accessories, the poor people would live in little cramped houses. The houses barely had any room at all for a whole family. To give you an idea, the inside would look like this

The main inequality in this era was the rich and the poor people. The wealthy would have enough money to buy the world, and live in a huge palace. But the poor people lived in small houses that could barely hold a single person.

2/17/2010 09:13:06 am

During the Gilded Age there was a vast amount of wealthy poeple. Either you were poor or you were wealthy. There was no middle class. There was also social inequality. Everyone wasn't looked upon as equal.

Ruben >.<
2/18/2010 12:24:00 pm

The Gilded Age was the time in which many Immigrants traveled to America. Due to this, people were seperated into two groups, poor people, or wealthy people.

Other forms of inequalities were the treatment of diffrent races. As Immigrants came in, Americans were feeling that the Immigrants were trying to over do them, which led to prejudice laws, such as the Chinese Removal Act which prohibited anymore Chinese from entering America. This lasted for 10 years.

Other minorities were discriminated by pay cuts and other forms of discrimination.

2/21/2010 07:33:38 am

I believe that due to the racism and the fear of losing their jobs to minorites, White people felt that they needed to set restricitons on minorities.

With this brought major competitiveness and selfishness, people were either really rich, or really poor, and those poor were looked down upon.


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