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The Oklahoma Land Rush happened on April 22, 1889. This was the first land run onto unassigned lands. This land rush had 50,000 people liined up for their piece of available 2 million acres. Because of this land rush. Oklahoma City and Guthrie were established. These cities rose up quickly. Guthrie was established in two days and within a month Oklahoma city had five banks and six newspapers.

Andrew Murphy
2/11/2010 07:15:58 am

This happened at precisely 12 noon. Carried by all kinds of transportation - horses, wagons, trains, bicycles or on foot - an estimated 100,000 raced to claim plots of land in an area of land in northern Oklahoma Territory known as the Cherokee Strip.By the time of the land rush, America was in the midst of the worst depression that they had ever experienced. That is one of the reasons that this land rush was one of the biggest of all time. This is significant, because many cities began to be established. Real people who witnessed this event said that there were close to 8,000 people there. As Cimone said, these cities rose up very quickly, and became very popular.

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2/11/2010 02:25:57 pm

On March 2, 1889 Congress passed the Indian Appropriations Bill, proclaiming that unassigned lands were part of the public domain. This was the first step toward the famous Oklahoma Land Rush. A rail line ran through the state and it was determined that the area where Guthrie, Oklahoma is located would be a good place to start a township. Although mile square parcels of land had been roughly designated and six mile square allotments were reserved for towns, no formal city planning had occurred, nor any government installed.

On April 22, 1889, people who gathered on the Arkansas and Texas borders of Oklahoma could seek a parcel of unclaimed land and file for ownership with the federal government. Most of these people were from Kansas and Missouri, but people from all over the country were part of the pack.

I believe that the idea in general, of the Oklahoma Land Rush was a good idea.Yet they took the land from the Native Amrican people that was righftully thiers, because of this factor, i disagree with the Oklahoma Land Rush overall.

Ruben >.<
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loury Lourdes
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land rush significance is: new cities/towns and railroads/transportation being established.

*Native americans were forced to move,especially away white civilization. The natives lost alot of their homeland,hunting grounds too for the native people's survival*

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